Life is a blur. Its a dervish of wondrous whimsy.

This is an inspiration blog. I find beautiful, nerdy, quirky, and cute things that I love, which are then juxtaposed to show you how I see the world.

To the East Coast and Back Again…

Hey guys!

Just letting everyone know that this week I’m off visiting my family all the way across the country and may not have the time to post anything.  Please don’t unfollow! I love my followers and really haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth or anything! i promise!  I wanted to have posts qued up and timed to post for me while Im gone, but I sadly failed in doing this.  Anyways you’re all Rock Stars!  Thanks for sticking around and FUCKYEAH IM GOING ON VACATION!

Edit: The Airport has wifi and I totally qued some posts!!!

Fuckyeah-I-Have-100-Followers-Now!!!! I am exuberant. Dancing on the mountain tops with fluffy goats excited! I love you guys! I’m just so pleased you like my blog and have stuck with me this long. I sometimes wonder why you do because of all the randomness, the geekiness, and the overkill of cuteness. But I’m so glad you do. It makes my day and I hope my posting makes yours. As always you are all Rock Stars!
<3 Aubrey

I’m feeling a little girly and so the next few posts will be dedicated to that whim.  Please don’t leave me boys!  As I’ve stated before, I’m a girl with a vast range of interests.  I try to have a little somethin somethin for everyone and I hope you all enjoy taking a walk down the road less travelled with me.  You all are Rock stars, Cheers!  ^_^

I have reached 200 Posts! I could just be acting like a complete dork and everyone who is reading this is thinking… Girl! I have 355,8369 posts. Thats only a drop in the bucket. You are so very sad… *sniffle* yes I KNOW! … I mean… FUCK YEAH 200 POST! I celebrate the small things! Thank you guys for sticking around and following me. As always You are all Rock Stars. <3

IDK why, but I love the blogs and user names that start with FUCK YEAH… so I may just be a little strange, but I find it to be hilarious and laugh to myself every time I see one. Fuckyeahbunnies, Fuckyeahbananas, Fuckyeahharrypotter! Fuck Yeah LOL your my hero.

It saddens me when I loose a follower, mostly cause I cater to the girls (damn it I am a girl!). Sorry boys… but I’m hoping this blog has a little somethin somethin for everyone. My interests are vast, from gaming… to the yeti…to fashion …to art… to nerdy stuff like Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Firefly. I like cute Cupcakes and Teddy bears to Zombies and Dystopian Societies. So I guess I just wanted to let you know what to expect. To all my other followers Thank you. Again you’re all Rock Stars!

This is my 100th Post !!!

I just wanted to thank you guys for following my blog. If you have any requests for a collage let me know ^_^.

I hope this blog inspires doodles, poetry, stories … or just makes you smile.

Thank you again for sticking around, you’re all Rock Stars. <3